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Welcome to our “Green Energy options” blog, or what we like to call our “magazine”.

Jon Harding

Jon Harding

We celebrate the fact that the internet gives us a voice, and we simply enjoy writing about “Green Renewable Energy Options” within this “our space on the web”. We hope that our readers gain something from what we write.

We use this space as a general subjects site so that we can talk about whatever grabs us as interesting over the next few months, or years.

Mel Harding

Mel Hardiing

Please use our commenting facility to give us your views on our writing, any any suggestions you may have as to new areas you might like to see us explore here.

John Harding works with sister Mel to write articles and publish them. Jon is the techie wiz who gets most of the credit by being named, however, Mel is the thought powerhouse of this project. They have set out to build their online energy blog visitors by 20% monthly throughout 2015.

We are crazy about Green Technology.

We are crazy about Green Technology.

Our motto

Our motto!

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