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Advantages and Disadvantages of Geothermal Energy

As our dependence on fossil fuels have begun to increase, geothermal energy is seen as the new source of power generation by extracting the heat stored inside the earth. Not used totally due to factors such as place and high costs however in the years to come when fossil fuels would begin to lessen, it will certainly turn out to be the least expensive source of power generation. Geothermal energy has advantages and downsides, of course much like any technology. We have explained the major ones below:

Advantages of Geothermal Energy

1. Substantial Cost Saving – Geothermal energy generally includes low running costs because it conserves 80 % costs over non-renewable fuel sources and in deep well thermal systems no fuel is used to produce the power. Since, no fuel is require so costs for buying, cleaning and carrying up plants is fairly low for those systems.

(Video describes pros and cons of both magma heat and heat pump based systems.)

2. Property owners with geothermal energy source heating usually recognize energy cost savings of 25 to 50 % over conventional gas, or oil systems, and will be more comfortable in their home at the exact same time.

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3. Geothermal heat pump systems make use of small amounts of electricity to move heat to and from the ground to your home. On average, it can produce 4 units of energy for every single metered-unit of electrical energy used to power the system. Even the very best standard systems deliver less than one metered-unit of energy for each device it supplies. When compared to normal systems, home-owners normally experience yearly savings of 30 % to 70 %. We suggest that you utilize the Savings Calculators available on-line to see how much a geothermal heating and cooling system can save you.

4. The carbon footprint of a geothermal power plant is minimal. Development of national geothermal resources is considered practical for many nations, in the fight against climate change. In other words, geothermal energy is a resource that can sustain its own consumption rate. According to scientists, the energy in our geothermal reservoirs will actually last billions of years.

6. Heat-pump based geothermal energy is considered to be the most affordable and very cost effective green energy option that is very much readily available right now, out there.

7. Geothermal energy is really effective all through any season. Aside from being more economical compared to solar panel innovation, it is likewise completely clean.

8. It supplies base-load power output, whether that be heat for a house, or hot water from a geothermal power station. Whereas, wind power is only produced when the wind is blowing, and solar power is only produced when it is daytime. By contrast, geothermal can be produced 365 days of the year. This is an HUGE advantage and should never be under-rated.

9. The surface area footprints of plants are little and do not compare with wind farms or huge nuclear or coal nuclear power plant, as they are incomparably smaller.

10. Geothermal does not emit co2, carbon monoxide, or other greenhouse gases that contribute to air pollution.

11. Every geothermal system on the marketplace today has refrigerant (Freon) in the system. The waterless geothermal ground loop fluid is R-407C Refrigerant, and is a safe, non-toxic, non-flammable fluid.

Disadvantages of Geothermal Energy

1. A geothermal heating and air conditioning system might be the greatest investment you make in your home, beyond the home purchase itself. You and you might not have the willingness to take on the small risk that this implies, or you might not have the financial resources to deal with a big up-front price.

2. Your house may not have the right site qualities. Geothermal can be a great financial investment however you do require access to quite a huge garden or yard where the heat exchange pipes can be buried.

3. Geothermal systems supply a low-risk from leakage of ozone layer harmful refrigerants. This is being gotten rid of and all systems minimize ozone destruction by using factory-sealed refrigeration systems which rarely or never ever require to be recharged.


Yes! An expense-efficient, environmentally accountable method to condition any area is right here and available now!

Due to the fantastic efficiency of any kind of Geothermal Energy system, the energy savings recognized by picking our innovation can be enough to balance out the capital cost associated with the set-up of the device, over a relatively short time duration. How can you manage not to do this? The cost savings can equate into real savings on your utility bills year-round.

As our dependence on fossil fuels have started to increase, geothermal energy is seen as the new source of power generation by extracting the heat kept inside the earth. Geothermal energy has drawbacks and advantages, of course simply like any innovation. But the fact is that geothermal energy is a resource that can sustain its own consumption rate, so it cannot be ignored. According to researchers, the energy in our geothermal reserve will actually last billions of years.

Due to the amazing efficiency of any type of Geothermal Energy system, the energy savings realized by picking this technology can be adequate to balance out the capital cost linked with the setup of the infrastructure hardware, over a fairly short time duration.

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