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The Best Geothermal Springs for a Visit and For Alternative Energy Extraction

The best geothermal springs in the worldGeothermal heat is another form of green sustainable energy, which is also classed as an “alternative energy” source. Click on the image above if you would like to view fascinating facts about our “5 Most Magical Geothermal Springs in the World”. In our infographic (vibrant image and fact intensive picture) we have selected of the most amazingĀ 5 magical hot geothermal springs to visit.

We have included in our best 5, the most northern (Troll and Jotun Hot Springs), the most colourful (Grand Prismatic Springs), the most diverse (Beppu Onsen Hot Springs), the largest (Frying Pan Lake, New Zealand), and the highest (Yangbajing Hot Springs). We hope you enjoy it – Click on the image above to see it, otherwise continue to read-on about the various types of geothermal energy immediately below. Below that, we have more info on thermal springs worth visiting!

The Best Geothermal Springs for Energy Extraction

There are three main types of the geothermal springs which are used for energy production and export, other than as tourist attractions and health giving spars. The three types are classified as:

Low temperature which are warmed by the earth’s heat to emerge at less than 194 degrees Fahrenheit Medium temperature measuring between 194 to 302 degrees Fahrenheit, and
high temperature with a temperature range of 302 degrees Fahrenheit or more.

The uses man has put these springs to are also determined by their temperature. Those with the highest temperatures can be used for electricity generation. Medium and low temperature geothermal energy springs are used in two ways: directly and as ground-source heat pumps.

In direct use, the geothermal energy found in the water is used directly for some purposes like heating buildings, greenhouses, and some holiday resorts without the use of a pump or a power plant. Ground-source heat pumps, on the other hand, use the ground water as a source of heat during the winter season and as a heat sink during the summer days. All of this is possible thanks to the knowledge gained from geothermal history.

Geothermal Springs to Visit

Steamboat Springs Motels

Ski Town, USA, which is also called Steamboat Springs Colorado, is a fantastic spa area, and certainly one of the best geothermal springs to visit. It also has some of the very best skiing locations in the United States, and one of the best known among them is. Called after the notorious warm springs of the Rockies that to early settlers seemed like steamboats, the city of Steamboat Springs is quick ending up being the favored winter destination the world over.

The town of Steamboat Springs, regardless of its size, has so many leasings and spaces on offer that it would be fairly difficult for a traveler not to find one to match his tastes. The most popular staying alternatives in the city are the winter season resorts and ski lodges owing to their proximity to the well-known slopes of the Rocky Mountains.

At Steamboat Springs the tourist will find some of the easy to get to geothermal springs and hot water pools in all of North America. These are the facilities run by the Steamboat Health and Recreation Association and in adition, the Strawberry Park Natural Hot Springs, the very best places to absorb the Earth’s heat, are located on the borders of the city and neither provides long-lasting staying options. The motels found in the local area, such as the renowned Rabbit Ears motel are a comfy choice to residing in the primary city.

Western Colorado Hot Springs

Western Colorado Mountains are blessed with amazing landscapes; they likewise provide the visitor another secret fringe benefit, natural warm springs, making them also one of the best geothermal springs to visit. There is no doubt that soaking in Colorado warm springs pools areĀ an enjoyable addition to your Western Colorado holiday. And, is not to be missed! There are many popular hot springs locations in the area, to choose from.

The Colorado Hot Springs has additional benefits you receive from the mineral material in the waters. Balneologist claims for the water are:

  • Boron increases muscular strength
  • Fluoride benefits teeth. Magnesium benefits heart and the bodies muscleture
  • Potassium promotes healthy bones, the heart and the kidneys
  • Then there is Silica which is good for bones, immune system, and for skin issues.
  • Sodium offers relief from arthritis symptoms.
  • Sulfate is believed to help free the body of toxins.

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